Born Under Fire is a historical novel that tells the story of a young woman’s coming of age and her drive to excel despite the devastating effects of long-term war.


Born in Jerusalem under British rule in 1928, Shulamit grows up in a world in turmoil as Hitler rises to power and nations enter into war. Set in a landscape of ancient stone ruins next to modern Bauhaus architecture, and desert scrub ending at newly verdant farmlands, Shulamit grows into her independence as the State of Israel is born.


Based on my mother’s life, historical documents and events, Born Under Fire is also about the context surrounding the founding of the State of Israel, as well as the horrors and dangers of growing up in a conflict zone. Shulamit battles grief and depression due to the shattering events affecting her, her family, and the entire world. Despite this struggle her resilient spirit enables her to reach great heights as a concert pianist.